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2016 Port Commissioner Districts
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What is a Port District?

Port Districts are ‘quasi governmental’ agencies (like fire districts and park districts) which are formed by a vote of the residents in an area to tax themselves to promote and support economic development.

Why do they call them “ports” when some port districts don’t even have a dock?

When port districts were first established to support economic development they were formed around docks because that was the center of commerce and trade. When roads, railroads, and airports were built providing other means of transporting goods and providing services their focus changed but the name stuck — thereafter any geographical area could be designated as a ‘port’ district by a vote of the people whether it was on a waterfront or not.

Port Commissioners 2015 — L-R: Scott Cooper, Jean Farmer, and Judy Scott
Port Commissioners 2015 — L-R: Scott Cooper, Jean Farmer, and Judy Scott

Why Port of Allyn?

In the late 1800’s and through the early part of the 1900’s all commerce, passenger traffic, supplies & mail came and went from the Allyn Dock. It was the commercial center of North Mason. When the Port was formed in 1921 Allyn was the center of economic development for the North Mason County area. (the district covers most of North Mason County) The town of Allyn was named after Judge Allyn from Tacoma who had been active and influential in the development of the area. After 88 years and numerous commissioners, many changes have taken place in the Port district but Commissioners have consistently chosen to honor Judge Allyn and the historic name.

commissioners-20151209What do Port Districts do?

Their primary function is to promote and support economic development. Ports can engage in almost any activity that provides jobs, supports local business, or facilitates economic growth and stability in their district. How each port does this depends on the particular port district. Some specialize in international trade (such as Seattle and Tacoma) others build business parks, and still others support local businesses by promoting tourism and providing recreational opportunities. Since tourism is the fastest growing industry in the world and Washington State has abundant opportunities for recreation nearly all ports engage in and/or support tourism in some way. With stringent limitations on growth and increasing environmental restrictions over 50 port districts in rural areas depend on tourism as their main resource for economic development.

Port Of Allyn Commissioners And Staff

Judy Scott

Judy Scott, District 1 Commissioner

Judy Scott has been a Port Commissioner since 2000, and will be through 2021. Her background includes experience as a local business owner in both the restaurant and construction industries, and as well as being a licensed real estate broker. She also owns a property management firm that oversees a number of commercial and residential rental properties, some of which she owns personally. As such, Judy is experienced in building maintenance issues, and the cost effective resolution of challenges such properties present.

She is active in the local community with North Mason Community Voice, Habitat for Humanity, North Bay Historical Society, and the Department of Natural Resources Focus Group among others.

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jscott [at] portofallyn [dot] com   

Jean Farmer

Jean Farmer, District 2 Commissioner

Jean is a principle in a longtime local seafood business, and is an accountant for the Catholic Church's Archdiocese of Seattle. In that position, she oversees the financial affairs of a number of local Catholic churches. She has been a Port Commissioner since 2011. Her background includes a successful previous executive career in senior management and marketing in the hospitality industry with both Sheraton and Marriott Hotels.

She is a graduate of the University of Maine with a double major in Accounting and Finance. She attended college on a full-ride athletic scholarship for swimming, and in her five-year college career swam in the Eastern Conference Championships twice.

Jean's community activities include membership in the Mason County Economic Development Council, The Chambers of Commerce in both North Mason County and Shelton, the Coalition of Churches for North Mason County, the Tahuya Community Association, Victor Hall Community Association, Allyn Community Association, the Great Peninsula Conservancy, and Forterra.

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jfarmer [at] portofallyn [dot] com   

Scott Cooper

Scott Cooper, District 3 Commissioner

Scott is the newest member of the Port Commission, joining it in 2014. He is an executive with the North Mason Regional Fire Authority, where he has served for the past 14 years, and holds the rank of Assistant Fire Chief. Prior to that, he spent 14 years in the Federal Fire Service serving at the Naval Submarine Base at Bangor. In his position with the Fire Authority, he oversees all its 11 facilities as well as their ongoing maintenance and upgrades. He is also responsible for all of the Authority's rolling stock and equipment, including all repairs, maintenance, and preventative maintenance.

A Lynch Cove resident since 2011, he has also operated a small business since 1994, specializing in home repair and maintenance, and stump removal.

Scott's community service includes the Mason County Training Officers, Mason County Fire Chiefs Association, Mason County Fire Investigation Association, and the board of the Mason County Economic Development Council.

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scooper [at] portofallyn [dot] com   

Lary Coppola

Lary Coppola, Executive Director

Lary is responsible for the day-to-day business operations of the Port, and is its primary spokesperson and news media contact. Previous to joining the Port, he founded a successful local media firm, and served as its President & CEO until being elected Mayor and Chief Administrative Official of the City of Port Orchard in 2007. In Washington's Strong Mayor form of government, the Chief Administrative Official functions as the City Manager, overseeing the day-to-day business operations, including all financial, budgetary, and personnel decisions.

In that capacity, he was responsible for writing and administering the City's $30+ million annual budget ($8+ million General Fund), and directly accountable for implementing the decisions and policies set by the City Council.

Upon leaving the City, Lary was recruited by the Gerson Lehrman Group — a worldwide business consultancy, for his expertise in private sector and government business management, public policy, economic development, communications, and government affairs.

His community activities include serving as past president of Port Orchard Rotary, the Government Affairs Committee of the North Mason Chamber, serving on numerous community boards, and umpiring Little League Baseball.

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lfc [at] portofallyn [dot] com   

LeAnn Dennis

LeAnn Dennis, Operations Manager

During her 12 years with the Port of Allyn, LeAnn has worn many hats. She oversees the Port's rental facilities, including its two marina/moorage operations and two launch facilities plus the Port's community water system. She also is responsible for the bookings at the Port's popular Gazebo and waterfront park.

LeAnn is also secretary to the Port's Board of Commissioners, responsible for preparing all meeting agendas and recording meeting minutes, as well as fulfilling all public records requests. She also shares bookkeeping and cash management responsibilities with the Executive Director, and serves as his Administrative Assistant. Additionally, she supervises maintenance and security personnel at the Port's facilities.

Her community service activities include 4-H, volunteering at Sand Hill Elementary in the youth banking program, and at the concession stand at the Sand Hill Baseball facilities.

(see all articles and blog posts by LeAnn Dennis, Operations Manager)

ldennis [at] portofallyn [dot] com   

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